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When Rob decided to change careers, his brother suggested he try an accounting class. The rest is history.

Rob Sorensen received his Bachelor of Accounting in December of 2005, and since January of 2006, he has called Bauman Associates home. Tax consulting is a universal need, but somewhat of a pariah in accounting firms. Knowing this, Rob decided to rise to the challenge and take up the mantle; he now wears many hats in the tax department of Bauman Associates. Serving as a tax services specialist, tax workflow manager, and tax compliance analyst, Rob takes pride in the fact that when businesses and individuals come to Bauman for help and guidance on their taxes, they receive services from a caring and competent team. Rob loves the opportunities that tax work provides – every day is a new day and a new challenge.

Rob primarily focuses on the “next steps” of tax management. When others might stop at the refund, Rob thrives on building relationships outside of tax season that will help him better advise the firms clients. His extensive knowledge of tax compliance has positioned him as a valuable asset to those he serves, and his passion for client service has set him apart as more than just his clients’ “tax guy.”

Rob lives in Eau Claire with his wife and 3 children. He enjoys golfing and traveling the western states. Rob serves his community through his participation in the LEC and offers his accounting services to his local church, free of charge.

Did you know ...

Rob is a bona-fide meteorology geek. He not-so-secretly aspires to operate his very own weather station.

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