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“Victor Borge once said, ‘Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.’ Though accounting can be stressful, or at least boring, to many clients, it can actually be fun! My mission is to give you peace of mind through our services while I try to lighten up the experience and ease the worry away.”

Bernadette Hull, better known to her clients and co-workers as Bernie, is a principal with Bauman Associates where she helps businesses and individuals with their tax planning and preparation, as well as accounting systems and startup business consulting. Her industry expertise includes small businesses, auto recyclers, construction, transportation, retail and service businesses. Bernie frequently provides accounting and tax consulting services to startup business clients and advises them as their businesses grows.

Bernie complements her accounting and tax abilities with a PHR (Professional in Human Resources) certification as well as practical firm administration and human resources experience. Through this additional expertise, she educates and guides small business clients on major HR decisions that can have a significant impact on their bottom line.

Growing up the daughter of small business owners, it was a desire to help her parents and others like them that led Bernie on the path toward accounting and consulting. Her fresh perspective on accounting and warm, humorous nature  puts her clients at ease and lets them know she has their back. In fact, high-fives are known to occur in the office on a regular basis, particularly when Bernie and her teammates make suggestions that help clients save money. Along with her knowledge, it’s this rapport that has resulted in clients working with Bernie for years – including some who have been with her since she first started her career.

Outside the office, Bernie is an active community member who volunteers her time with organizations and projects that impact future generations. She enjoys networking and regularly speaks on her service and industry specialties. In her spare time, she is a creative at heart who enjoys writing songs and stories, golfing and Bunco.

Did you know…
Although accounting isn’t usually associated with the word “entertaining,” Bernie lives to entertain, whether through business meetings, songs or her children’s book. If you ask, she might pull out her guitar and serenade you with a song about your business!

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