Implementation of New Business Communication System

BY Admin

At Bauman Associates, we continue to look for ways to implement new technology to provide better service to our clients.  Effective Friday, March 18th, our Associates will have access to a new cloud-based communications system provided by TSI of Eau Claire.   The new system supports integration of voice, video, instant messaging and email into a single platform.  Our office-based employees will be able to use the platform from their desktops and our remote employees will be able to use and have access to the same features using their mobile devices.    All employees can easily integrate from their laptops into the cloud-based system if they are working outside the office for an extended period of time.

The new system will merge our front desk telephones from both Eau Claire and Hudson to a central answering attendant.  When calling our offices, callers will be greeted with a short menu.   That menu will include a directory of all Bauman Associates with their respective extensions, for easy immediate transfer to their desk.  Our Associates will also be updating their email signature blocks to include their extension information.

The official cutover to the new system will take place at 10:30 am on Friday, March 18th.  If you are trying to contact us and don’t get an immediate answer, please be patient and try calling again in a few minutes.  Staff are being trained prior to the cutover but with any new implementation, sometimes an unexpected hiccup will throw the best laid plans aside.

It is our hope that this new system provides for more efficiency in our offices in addition to providing a better, improved class of service to our clients.   We are excited to make these improvements and encourage our clients to share any feedback.