Bauman Associates’ Tax Team Voted #1

BY Bauman Associates

For the last eleven years, Volume One has turned to its readers to vote for their local favorites. From yummy places to eat to emerging bands to trusted tax services,  the community of Chippewa Valley weighs in on the best of the best.


As Volume One puts it, “the goal here is to make the Chippewa Valley a better place to live through the voices and votes of those who live here. Because really, the best burger joints or the best parks aren’t going to be the reason this is a great place to live. It’s the people here who populate those places and try new things and genuinely care about making their home great. After all, this is your home. Your neighbors are your neighbors. It’s up to both of you — not one or the other — to make this place great. There’s something kinda beautiful in that.”

Bauman Associates is honored to make Chippewa Valley’s Best Of list in 2018. Click to learn more about our Tax Services.